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Shamrock Paving removed existing driveway and underlying material and did not install the necessary stone material base to support the new driveway.Shamrock Paving ran short of paving materials, they lowered the grade of the driveway four to six inches.

Now water from the street comes in the driveway and yard, I have puddling in spots. One side of the driveway is extremely crooked. I have had several driveway companies out to look at the work and they say the driveway is crowned. The driveway had to be patched at the end because they ran short of material.

The driveway has been narrowed . I was told it would be twenty feet wide, it measure only seventeen feet. They really mess up and the owner Charles McLaughlin, never returned to even check his work and address my concerns.

The driveway was original pitched evenly on one side the entire length of the driveway.The driveway is now designed to drain to one spot in the middle and now the grass is rotting.

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